How To Develop Your Signature Style

How To Develop Your Signature Style

Developing your signature style does not happen overnight. Take it as a fun filled adventure with lots of fashion faux pas to look back on and laugh at. It is also a process of putting your wardrobe collection together which, ideally should consist of a mixture of essential basic pieces, classics, trends and vintage items. So how do you get your signature style?  Here are several tips to keep in mind:

Who Are You, Girl?

When it comes to developing your signature style the journey should start with who you are. Your personality is what brings the clothes alive. Are you an introvert, extrovert, laid-back, a dreamer, a go-getter and/or like to be the center of attention? Who you are or think you are determines your posture, how you wear your garments, what colours you are drawn too and what pieces you are likely to go for… so get acquainted yourself!

What is your body type?

Is your body pear shaped, square shaped or curvy? Are you tall or short? All this will determine how a certain cut and fabric behaves on your body, whether it will be tight fitting in some areas and bulky in others. Knowing your body type will make shopping more fun and you will worry less about your online shopping purchases and having to  guess whether a certain item is going to fit you or not. In addition experiment with your skin tone and colours. Play around with colours to find out what colours accentuate your skin tone and which ones you should avoid.

Pay attention to compliments

Yes girl, people will tell you when you are lookin’ good.  As they can see you in a way that you can’t. If you keep getting compliments when you wear a certain dress, top, jacket or colour pay attention…and don’t forget to say Thank you.

Express Yourself

Developing your signature style is all about expressing yourself. Before you open your mouth your clothes will tell the first story about you. So make sure you agree with who you are trying to express. Make it fun. Make it you. Make it fabulous!