Invest in a fabulous Vintage Tea Dress

What is summer without a good tea dress?

Contrary to popular belief the tea dress or tea gown appears to have it’s origins in the far east i.e Japan. The earlier versions of this dress made its appearance in the mid 19th century and the modern version in the 1930’s. What makes this dress so special is that it can completely change your look depending on how you choose to style it.

Effortless, feminine and fun, the tea dress is flattering to virtually all female body shapes and because it is  well-structured it perfectly suits formal and casual occasions; just change up your shoes!

The tea dress will save the day, if your summer calendar is filled with attending numerous wedding festivities and you are running out of outfit ideas. So the verdict is: you can never really have enough tea dresses. And of course, we just happen love the vintage kind ;-).

The Polka Dot kind:

Vintage Polka Dot Tea Dress
Vintage Polka Dot Dress Size 10.

















The ones where the 80’s are doing the 40’s:

Vintage Floral Tea Dress

















The ‘Easy like a Sunday morning’ tea dress:

Vintage Casual Tea Dresses
90’s Casual Blue Dress
















The floral kind:

Vintage Floral Tea Dress
80’s Floral Tea Dress