How to wear vintage with modern clothes

Style tips: How to wear vintage with modern clothes

Wearing vintage and modern fashion is all about timing, proportion and your personal style.

Everything is always revolving and trends happen because they tap into a particular Zeitgeist at the time. Some of the best silhouettes come from bygone eras like the 30’s, 50’s and 70’s.  In the era of fast fashion some trends are picked up by the masses whilst others are not. You don’t have to follow trends but you can ride alongside them and essentially create your own fab fashion world. Chances are you’ll be drawn to a certain decade anyway.

A certain era will naturally fit into the current contemporary fashion trend and if you are style savvy, you can make this work for you. We love the 80’s because in the 80’s a lot of silhouettes came together under one crazy decade of fashion. From oversized  cut-out T-shirts to super skinny jeans, tulip dresses and lingerie as outerwear, anything truly went in the 80’s which, is why it’s going to make another comeback soon.

Wearing a 70’s inspired bell bottom look is likely going to get you the attention of fashion street style photographers today, whereas five years ago it may have been passed off as a nostalgic hippie look.

You have to know what to wear, how to wear it and the timing has to be right.

Below are three fabulous examples of how to how to wear vintage with modern clothes this season.


70’s Vintage Button Down Mini Dress

This fabulous 70’s number is all kinds of fabulous. With the floral print design, flared sleeves, buttons down front and high front split the features and silhouette are just right for creating a effortless high fashion street style look. All you need is the right shoes and a touch or of bling. For a high fashionista look pair with strappy or pointy heels or truly strut down memory fashion lane with 70’s with inspired platform heels or boots. For some casual street cred you can pair this mini dress with your favourite white trainers and accessories with statement earrings and necklace pieces. It’s all about your state of mind!


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(P.S. although we’ve called it a mini dress because that’s how a fab girl would wear it, it can also be worn as a light coat.) 

Lucy 80’s Floral Print Mini Dress

The timing is right for ruffles as seen on this fun and flirty summer dress from the 80’s. Ruffles are super fun and were a key fab to wear look in the 80’s. This Lucy 80’s Mini Dress in a red floral print design features ruffles around the waist,  button down fastening, short sleeves, and signature 80’s shoulder pads. To make this look more contemporary remove the shoulder pads and roll up the sleeves. Pair with your favourite white trainers for a casual look or nude or purple strappy heels if you are a fashionista babe.


Lucy 80's Floral Print Mini Dress
Lucy 80’s Floral Print Mini Dress

Multi Print Vintage Shirt

The 80’s were full of colourful and interesting multi print shirts and blouses that have not lost their shine. That is why we love to pair our 80’s shirts with skinny jeans and heels. It’s an effortless and stylish combination to wear  that works time and time again. Look for shirts and blouses that feature and interesting print or design detail. The 80’s were filled with those. If you like your shoulder pads, by all means rock that power look. Just make sure your jeans are on point and them heels are high!



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