Wardrobe Staples: What Every Fab Girl Should Have in Her Closet

What Every Fab Girl Should Have in Her Closet

Fashion trends come and go but these basics are in our humble and fab opinion the holy grail of effortless trend defying style and should sit along trend led seasonal pieces in your closet.

So here is our list of wardrobe staples every self respecting fab girl should own:

The White T-shirt

A no-brainer really. What would life be without the basics of basics?


The trick is to know your body type. Skinny jeans are not for everyone. Find the denim style that works for you and OWN it.

White Button Shirt

The classic that literally works for everyone and upgrades any look. Yes babe, your white shirt should be crisp, tailored, long sleeved and did we mention crisp?

White Trainers Sneakers

Casual and comfortable yet still stylish white sneaker are a style favourite for fashionista’s off duty look and work so well with dresses or trousers. We can agree to disagree but I personally believe everyone should own a pair of white All Stars!

Black Pumps

Say no more. Can you ever have enough of these.

Vintage Handbag

Although handbag styles are often trend led, your classic Handbag should be a vintage piece. A good vintage handbag will carry you through the seasons and you won’t see anyone else with it!

And last but not least….

Red Lipstick

A fab girls secret weapon. EVERYTHING is better with Red Lipstick!